Final conference and demonstration of MEGAROB in Aitiip facilities in Zaragoza

The next day, October 20, 2015 the final conference and demonstration of MEGAROB in Aitiip facilities in Zaragoza will take place.

We invite you to enjoy firsthand the results of this European project over 4 million budget and 36 months of development, led by the Aragonese Aitiip Technology Centre with the participation of 7 partners from 4 different countries.

Aitiip becomes the scene of a factory of the future

It is an innovative manufacturing system based on next-generation industrial robotics serving the industry and society and installed in Aitiip.

Both accuracy and large sizes where it works, making it unique in the world.

An assembly robot on a crane through which it moves, covering a large workspace (20x6x5 meters). The operations are controlled by a program that uses a ranking algorithm programmed into the project environment, and processing the readings of a laser tracker at a rate of 1000 scans per second.
Manufacturing operations that can make this system are varied, such as drilling, milling, edging, polishing or sanding among others. These operations will be performed on large parts, more than 10 meters, other of the specific characteristics in this platform.

In this project other Spanish entities such as Grúas GH and Acciona are involved. The consortium also involved Leica and CSEM (Switzerland), Teamnet (Romania) and Espace2001 (Luxembourg).

We will have the presence of representatives of the European Commission, the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO – CDTI), the Government of Aragon and EFFRA (European Factories of the Future Research Association) representative.
We also have for the presentation and moderating of the round table by Luis Humberto Menéndez (Economics section in the newspaper Heraldo de Aragon) on advanced manufacturing and industrial applications, industry 4.0 with the participation of experts from different industries and technologies.

9:30 to 10:30 – Opening and interventions by the authorities and institutions:

  • Berta Gonzalvo Bas, Aitiip Research Director
  • Juan Manuel Blanchard, Aitiip President
  • Rikardo Bueno, Member of EFFRA Board of Directors
  • Mª Pilar González Gotor, Promotion and Cooperation Department CDTI – MINECO
  • Antonio Cipollaro – MEGAROB Research Programme Officer at European Commission
  • Fernando Fernández Cuello – Industry and Commerce General Director, Government of Aragon

10:30 to 12:00 – Round table and discussion: Advanced manufacturing and its applications in industrial sectors. Industry 4.0 – Moderate by Luis Humberto Menéndez, Heraldo de Aragon.

  • Manufacturing processes on large parts: problematics solved and MEGAROB potencial. David Herrador Muñoz. Acciona Infraestructuras
  • Advanced cranes, scalability and replicability of MEGAROB. Aimar Villa, GH
  • Positioning errors on machines and industrial robots: MEGAROB challenges. Diego F. Boesel, CSEM
  • Advanced metrology systems for real time control processing – Exploitation possibilities to other applications. Markus Steiner, LEICA
  • Industry 4.0 and MEGAROB. Silvestru Pican, TEAMNET
  • Advanced manufacturing processes and new future challenges for MEGAROB. Jose Antonio Dieste y Victor Peinado, AITIIP
  • MEGAROB concept application to other sectors and uses and its internationalization. Michael Kleinkes, ESPACE2001

12:00 to 12:30 Coffee – networking
12:30 to 14:00 – Megarob demonstration in Aitiip and site visit.
14:00 Closing and Spanish cocktail

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