MEGAROB M18 Meeting in Switzerland

On 7 and 8th of May, M18 meeting (Offical Review Meeting) of MEGAROB took place on the facilities of one of the Swiss project partners, CSEM, which is the responsible for the development of the prototype validator of the correction algorithm.


As usual, no one was missing and at least one representative of all members of the consortium was represented, including Dimitrios Karadimas, PTA (Project Technical Advisor) as representative of the EC.

The main results of the project at this point, can be summarized:

  • The WP2 and WP3 have been successfully completed, both the design of the support structure and the calculations and both static and dynamic simulations have provided a final design of the entire system, which will be assembled on WP5 on the next months.
  • The WP4, since much of the work was advanced to show on this M18 (Review meeting) a physical demonstrator, can be said that it is ahead in time, and with highly satisfactory results. The live demonstration ended positively, with the expected results regarding the correction of the robot to external actions. This algorithm will be refined following months until the end of WP.
  • Dissemination activities and project management are still carried out as normal.

The next meeting will be held in November, presumably, on the premises of GH in Beasain, Basque Country, Spain.