MEGAROB M24 Meeting in Beasain

During the 13th and November 14th took place the meeting related to the second year of MEGAROB project’s in the GH headquarters in Beasain, Basque Country, project partner and responsible of the design and development of the structure for the demonstrator of the Project.

Meeting in Beasain

MEGAROB is entering the third and final year of the project, and is finalizing the construction of the demonstrator facilities at AITIIP; therefore, a scale prototype made by additive manufacturing (SLS) on AITIIP was used during the meeting, serving as the basis for the technical discussion on the layout of the final demonstrator. Furthermore, this prototype is detachable and has served and will be used as a tool for the dissemination activities of the project.

As usual, we can summarize the main results of the project at this point:

  • WP4 is currently focused on improving the positioning algorythm in real time and in the interface and high level software to control the entire system.
  • WP5, aimed to the manufacture and setting-up of the demonstrator, despite some delays due to logistics and delivery time of some parts, has been auccessfully started and is expected to have it fully operational for the next meeting in six months.
  • The dissemination activities and project management are still carried out normally. It is important to note that regarding the exploitation of results, in Zurich on the M23 a dedicated meeting was held, also having the majority of partners and with highly satisfactory results to guide activities in this regard.

The next meeting will take place presumably in May in AITIIP facilities in Zaragoza, Spain.