MEGAROB M6 Meeting in Switzerland

On 17th  and 18th of April the Month 6 meeting of MEGAROB project was held in the facilities of the Swiss partners of the project: the first day the partners visited the facilities of Leica Geosystems sited on Unterentfelden and the second the CSEM (Centre Suisse d’ Electronique et de Microtechnique) ones on Alpnach.

Meeting Megarob M6

On the meeting we doesn’t have only the presence of members of the consortium, we also have with us Dimitrios Karadimas, PTA (Project Technical Advisor) of the project,as representative of the European Commission.

The main results of the project at this point, can be summarized as:

- The WP1 System Definition has successfully completed, laying the foundations for the development of the next WPs.

- The WP2 and WP4 have started their journey in the development of the calculation of the loads on the system and the necessary software

- The WP3 regarding the selection and manufacture of the crane will begin shortly, but some first steps have been already taken.

- The dissemination activities and project management continue to be made as normal.

Meeting Megarob M6

The next meeting will be held in November in Teamnet facilities in Bucharest, Romania.