Megarob is presented in workshop in Austria

On 7th May 2015, some of the results of the project Megarob were presented in a workshop in Austria. The 2015 Austrian Robotics Workshop ( took place in Klagenfurt from 7th to 8th of May of 2015.


Among its 50 to 100 attendees, there were predominantly representants from academia and R&D institutions from Austria and Germany. Diego Boesel, from CSEM, presented Megarob in this event. With the presentation “Realtime Control of Absolute Cartesian Position of Industrial Robot for Machining of Large Parts”, he talked about the Megarob project in general and about the external controller in specific.

After the presentation, there was a short discussion, when the project and its results received good feedback from the attendees. An extended abstract of the presentation can be accessed online in the website of the workshop (