MEGAROB Project: High precision manufacture

Zaragoza, 19 de Noviembre 2012. This morning took place the official presentation of MEGAROB Project, an European Project with a budget of over 4M€, involving 8 partners from 4 different countries and is led by AITIIP, an Aragonian Technology Centre.

Presentation MEGAROB Project

Presentation MEGAROB Project

 This 36-month duration project, embodied a clear commitment to technological innovation, essential to be competitive and create wealth, in the manufacturing processes of the manufacturing industry, through the design and development of a flexible and autonomous manufacturing platform based on high technological disciplines such as robotics and mechatronics, and aims the implementation of those manufacturing jobs that require high precision when working on large pieces.

The platform will form a robot system capable of running high accuracy machining tasks over a wide range of part size (over 10 meters) and meet demanding specifications: type, quantity and complexity.

The official launch was attended by Dr. Angel Fernandez Cuello (Director AITIIP Research Technology Center), D. Juan Manuel Blanchard Galligo (President of AITIIP Technology Centre) and concluded with the presentation D. Arturo Aliaga López (Minister for Industry and Innovation, Government of Aragon), showing the support of the Government of Aragon to the project and thanked the attendees for their participation in it.

MEGAROB Project Presentation

Socio-Economic Impact: The project is led by AITIIP Technology Center (Aragonian Technology Centre, recently attached to the Science and Technology Park Aula Dei) and involves 8 partners from 4 different countries. The grant from the European Union reaches € 2,761,000, of which 28.9% (€ 799 760) is the return got by the autonomous community of Aragon, and 45.3% (€ 1,251,595) the return to Spain. The most remarkable partners are  APLICACIONES DE ENERGÍAS SUSTITUTIVAS SL – ADES (Spain), the swiss LEICA GEOSYSTEMS and the big company ACCIONA INFRAESTRUCTURAS (España).

MEGAROB project partners