The final aim for MEGAROB is to develop an innovative multifunctional manufacturing robot capable of achieving accuracy in positioning of ±0.216mm+0.5μm/m which implies a tolerance of .±0.4mm in a 100meters long part (position acquisition system located in the middle of the part) and to demonstrate its efficiency through

In order to achieve the above mentioned target, the MEGAROB consortium has set the following scientific and technical objectives which are twofold:

To develop a high level control system whose components will be:

  • A specific accuracy correction algorithm. This system will combine mechanics and optics to analyse position. The use of laser tracker technology will compensate accuracy deviations. The compensating algorithm will be conceptually designed and later developed to monitor in real time movements of MEGAROB.
  • A dedicated Computer Aided Manufacturing. Manufacturing tasks will be controlled by computer. The CAM system for MEGAROB, will be able to work in discrete zones, and optimize the movement sequence to reduce processing time. All this scientific development that will be transferred in a CAM system adapted for large parts manufacturing, will be a project deliverable that can be exploited as an independent product.
  • An alignment and centering algorithm. Using the possibilities of laser tracker technology, an alignment and centering algorithm will be programmed in order to exactly locate the position of the part to be processed. This will take place in the step preceding the manufacturing tasks. This system will feed CAM in order to set the references in the virtual CAD system. In parallel another algorithm will be programmed based on the use of the robot and a touching probe to assure the aligning and centring processes. Both systems could be exploited as individual products, having appliance for different standard production machines. Both alignment and centering systems will be designed at the same time, as a redundant measurement sensing system, to assure the position of the part to process.
  • A virtual simulation environment. A virtual simulator will be developed, including MEGAROB hardware configuration, part to process, finished part, manufacturing plan, in order to assure safety of all the elements involved in the manufacturing process, including operators, if it is the case. With the virtual simulator MEGAROB behaviour and movements can be analyzed or even changed before they are executed.

To demonstrate the feasibility, the efficiency and the real performances of the MEGAROB concept by building a complete full scale prototype,  which will then be tested on two different industrial applications: wind mills and infrastructures.

The MEGAROB projects will therefore contribute to the overall objectives of the Factory of the Future call namely:

  • To provide customers with higher quality products through a high accuracy rate and a decreased defects ratio.
  • To allow manufacturers to reduce their investments in production resources by proposing an innovative high performances and multifunctional manufacturing robot reducing also the shop-floor space required.
  • To develop production tools and techniques which have a positive impact on the environment.